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125 Years. An Elon Anniversary Special

125samllbanner "125 Years. An Elon Anniversary Special" showcases Elon's rich history in sports, traditions, social culture and more. The special holds interviews from some of Elon's most inspirational students, faculty, staff and community members, including the campus’s first black graduate and all three living university presidents.
The Stories
To some, Jacob Rankin Parks III was a skilled hunter. To others, a loving father, brother and grandparent. Within the Elon community, Parks was known as a proud Phoenix and the university’s oldest living alumnus, graduating in ’32. Parks died on Jan. 19, 2015 after a period of declining health ... Full article
As Elon continues to celebrate its 125th anniversary, one member of the Elon community is celebrating this year for another reason. George Troxler, a professor emeritus of history, has worked at Elon University for more than 40 years and currently serves as the university historian. After three years of ...
When Elon students hear the word “tradition,” images of convocation, luminaries and commencement might come to mind. But one of the most beloved traditions happens every week, bringing faculty and students to Phi Beta Kappa Commons for coffee and fellowship. The gatherings, now known as College Coffee, were started ...
      Elon University may be considered a small school, but its history is rich. It began as a small college with only two buildings on campus and has now grown to include five schools, 620 acres and more than 5,500 undergraduate students. Here’s a look at Elon’s timeline. ...
      On the morning of January 18th 1923, a student working in Elon’s power station saw something unusual. It was early in the morning, but there was a flickering light in the window of the student center on campus. He walked from the power station, where the library ...
    When Eugene Perry walked onto Elon’s campus in 1965 as a first year student, he was not surprised when the other students ignored him. “They treated me like Ralph Ellison’s ‘The Invisible Man’,” Perry said. “That was being black in the 60s.” Perry graduated in 1969, making him ...
      Worshiping for 125 years. Elon College’s rich history of religious life is apparent in every aspect of the Elon experience. The college was founded in 1889 in conjunction with the Christian Church. From the very beginning, Chapel Service took place daily, and students were required to attend. ...
      Every year, hundreds of students come out to the Organization Fair to see what more than 250 student organizations on campus have to offer. We took a deeper look into how five areas of those student organizations have grown and changed over Elon’s 125 years. Those organizations ...
      While nearly one-third of students on campus today are involved in Greek life, this wasn’t always the case. When Elon was first founded in 1889, literary societies dominated the social scene with dinner parties, plays, debates and dances. Of the three original literary societies, Clio and Philologian ...
      It is hard to encompass 125 years in Elon’s athletic history, from the multitude of conference titles, the controversial mascot change and the iconic athletes who left their respective legacies. It all began in 1900. Elon’s first intercollegiate athletics event was a series of two baseball games ...
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