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125 Years. An Elon Anniversary Special



“125 Years. An Elon Anniversary Special” showcases Elon’s rich history in sports, traditions, social culture and more. The special holds interviews from some of Elon’s most inspirational students, faculty, staff and community members, including the campus’s first black graduate and all three living university presidents.

The Stories

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Jeff Ackermann, Executive Producer
Brian Mezerski, Production Manager

    The Elon Timeline

  • Reporter: Carly Hildyard
  • Producer: Allison D’Amora
  • Graphics Edior: Chelsea Lindsay
    The Tough Times

  • Reporter: Jason Puckett
  • Producer: Meredith Stutz
  • Photographer & Editor: Tyler Oberle

  • Reporter: Nicole Chadwick
  • Producers: Jasmine Turner, Megan Foard
  • Photographer: Ja’Mei Bess
  • Editor: Jonathan Winston

  • Reporter: Gary Grumbach
  • Producer: Kelly Finneran
  • Photographer: Jonathan Winston
  • Editor: Madeleine Stokowski
    Student Organizations

  • Reporter: Eric Halperin
  • Producer: Ryan Greene
  • Photographer: Ben Stringfellow
  • Editor: Sean Lauwers
    Social Culture

  • Reporter: Katie Maraghy
  • Producer: Elizabeth Kantlehner
  • Photographer: Jon Smith
  • Editor: Jordan Johnston

  • Reporter: Justin Biegel
  • Producers: Rajat Agarwal, David Perell
  • Editor: Jordan Johnston
    Elon Traditions

  • Reporter: Addie Haney
  • Producer: John Bowden
  • Photographer & Editor: Matthew Mintzer
    Unsung Heroes

  • Reporter: Brennan McDavid
  • Producers: Sky Cowans, Corey Shegda
  • Photographer: Alex Rose
  • Editor: Madeleine Stokowski
    Elon’s Past & Future

  • Reporter: Joe Bruno
  • Producers: Lauren Cook
  • Photographer: Brian Binder, Brian Lorello, Matthew Mintzer
  • Editor: Brian Binder

  • Linda Lashendock
  • Katie Nash

Photographs courtesy of Elon University Archives and Special Collections.