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ELN RADIO is a radio news broadcast whose goal is to update Elon University and the local area on relevant facts, news, entertainment and commentary while maintaining the outstanding standards of its parent organizations. ELN RADIO is a partnership between two Elon University student organizations: Elon Local News, Elon’s News Leader, and WSOE, The Only Alternative.

Mission of ELN on WSOE - Broadcast. Connect. Establish.

ELN RADIO broadcasts relevant and meaningful content to Elon University and the surrounding Elon, North Carolina community. We plan to connect with our audience through multimedia platforms and establish a meaningful relationship between our two parent organizations, as well as the local community.

The Partnership

ELN RADIO is possible because of a mutual partnership between Elon Local News and WSOE, The Only Alternative. The collaboration of both organizations’ talent and expertise is what will make ELN RADIO successful.

ELN RADIO will consist of a Leadership Team, which operates under the guidance of the executive leadership of both Elon Local News and WSOE.  Reporters and contributors to ELN on WSOE are consistently integrated into the ELN newsroom and will be in charge of adding weekly content to the radio broadcast.

The Process

ELN RADIO will employ resources from both Elon Local News and WSOE, The Only Alternative. The talent will be integrated into the ELN newsroom in order to utilize the help of reporters, producers and more to collaborate on story ideas and to create strong content. The WSOE studio and talent will be used to broadcast quality content on the radio, as well as contribute to the show’s content.

The Results

ELN RADIO will broadcast one half-hour show each week. The shows will air on Wednesdays at 6pm on WSOE 89.3fm and post-produced shows will be published online. Each broadcast will consist of pre-produced and live on-air content.

The content of the show will include, but is not limited to: a rundown of daily headlines, current events, campus news and happenings, local news, national news, sports news, weather news, and professional commentary on current topics.

The Future

ELN RADIO hopes to soon expand to longer, more detailed shows and to broadcast multiple days of the week. ELN RADIO also wishes to produce brief news updates to be broadcasted at the top of certain hours throughout the day.

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