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Elon Study Abroad plans for Brexit impacts

By: Kailey Tracy Senior Noah Ganz stayed up until 1 a.m. to hear the news. United Kingdom, a country he spent four months in studying abroad last fall, was no longer part of the European Union. “The vast majority of eligible voters cannot fathom the consequences of exiting the European Union,” Ganz said. “This should be a decision for ...Full Article

Elon’s study abroad program, students confront terrorism scare

Elon University ranks number one by Princeton Review for top study abroad program in the country. According to the university’s global education program, more than 75 percent of students ...Full Article

Islamophobia in America

Islamophobia. It’s one of the hottest topics in society today. Some say it is spiraling out of control. With more than 50 occurrences of American Islamophobia since the terrorist ...Full Article

Students abroad in London react to Paris attacks

Four Elon students are studying in Paris right now and were safe during the attacks, but they weren’t the only ones in harms way. More than 100 others are ...Full Article

Israeli Fellow brings perspective and personal story to Elon

Shani Knaani, an Israeli Fellow with the Jewish Agency for Israel and Hillel International, is paying a visit to Hillel and the Elon community as a whole. Knaani grew ...Full Article

Elon monitors study abroad programs

Elon students studying abroad in the Middle East and in London are adjusting to their new lives away from Elon for the Fall Semester. Unexpectedly, a part of that ...Full Article

AP’s Nicole Winfield visits Elon

Nicole Winfield spoke to Elon students, faculty and community members Friday night about her experience as a Rome-based Vatican correspondent for The Associated Press. During the past 13 years as Vatican ...Full Article

Travel concerns create roadblock for Periclean service trip to Honduras

Since 2010, there have been more murders in Honduras than anywhere else in the world, which is why Elon had some reservations when the Periclean class of 2016 proposed ...Full Article

Packing on the pounds … British pounds: Save money while studying abroad

For those studying abroad in the fall, it may be too early to pack, but get a jump-start on budgeting your trip with these money managing tips. For Elon ...Full Article

Elon student remains hopeful for Ukraine’s future

After three months of civil and violent unrest, a new day has risen for Ukraine. President Yanukovych has been ousted by Parliament leaving its people wondering what’s next. Since November, ...Full Article

Synchronized skating shoots Lauren Snow to the top

While most encounter international competition through TV, one Elon student experienced it firsthand by competing with her synchronized skating team, Skyliners. Lauren Snow, a junior at Elon, began to ...Full Article

Douglas Foster speaks on post-Apartheid South Africa

South Africa is celebrating its 20-year anniversary since the end of the Apartheid. Reporter Douglas Foster has spent the last eight years writing his book, After Mandela: The Struggle for ...Full Article

Elon sophomore heads to Sochi to work as cameraman at Olympics

Threats of a terrorist attack surround the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics taking place next month. Elon sophomore David Comerford will be attending the games and is trying to stay ...Full Article

Overcoming challenges and changing the future

A troubled childhood left 17-year-old Anna Malika searching for love. “All these things that I had been wanting to hear my whole life, I was finally hearing from him,” ...Full Article

The Dangers of Studying Abroad

More than 72 percent of Elon students study abroad at least once during their college experience. Senior Rachel Taff studied abroad in India during Winter Term. “I think that ...Full Article

Kenyan Safari Acrobats at Elon

Elon’s Center for the Arts welcomed the Kenyan Safari Acrobats on Sept. 24 to perform their routine of breathtaking stunts, comedy, and audience participation set to the heart-pounding music ...Full Article

Local Politicans on Syria

Local politicians are divided over military action in Syria. Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) endorsed military action in Syria on August 28: “It is time for the United States and ...Full Article

Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral Set for Today

Preparations for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral are underway. The ceremony for the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom will be a ceremonial funeral with military honors. The funeral is ...Full Article

Britain Remembers Margaret Thatcher

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died Monday at the age of 87 following a stroke. Thatcher was the first and only woman prime minister of the United Kingdom ...Full Article

Syria Close To Home

Professor Haya Ajjan and her family are from Syria, and after two years of fighting, her family is still broken. “His family was waiting for him one night, and ...Full Article

Reaction to Puerto Rico’s Statehood Vote

Cristina Cartagena is a first year student from Puerto Rico and looks forward to what will happen if Puerto Rico becomes an American state. “I’m actually kind of glad ...Full Article

Updates from Summer in Egypt

Some Elon Local News reporters spent the summer interning at places like 60 Minutes and NBC Nightly News. But our Ronda Ataalla did things a little differently, she visited ...Full Article

Welcome to Italy

Living in Lugo, Italy for two months made me realize how different the culture, the food and the people are. The Italian way of life was difficult to adjust ...Full Article