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Updates from Summer in Egypt 

Tahrir Square

Some Elon Local News reporters spent the summer interning at places like 60 Minutes and NBC Nightly News. But our Ronda Ataalla did things a little differently, she visited a country in turmoil and brought a camera along for the ride.

Egypt has become synonymous with the Arab Spring but some citizens are not happy with what has come out of the past 18 months.

“These reporters are liars. All they want to do is ruin our country”

“We didn’t go through the revolution for nothing and we won’t move until we get the results we want.”

Egyptians in Tahrir Square were chanting “Give us our rights! Or we will die for them!”

Since the revolution started in January 2011 Egypt has been a place of unrest, something most Egyptians are not used to.

Months after the protests began the Egyptian people finally chose their new president and I was in the square when voters heard the news and the celebrations began instantly.

We went to Mahatet El Raml, Alexandria, and the celebrations continued all night. People showed their enthusiasm and are extremely happy about the results and Mohamed Morsi winning the election.i

We interviewed some people who gave us their opinions shared what they hope to see in the future and why they chose this candidate to win the election.

“I see Egypt getting so much better than it has been and all we’ve ever wanted. There will be freedom, democracy and hope.”

“To be honest without Morsi the revolution would have died and his win made everything worth it.”

But for some Egyptians the Muslim Brotherhood controlling Egypt isn’t a good idea and already have some fears about the future of their country.

“My name is Mohamed and I am a Muslim, but I don’t want the Christians in Egypt to be treated unfairly. I don’t want people who live a liberal life style to be forced into a conservative one. We keep hearing rumors and it’s a big fear for us that comes with the Muslim Brotherhood being in charge”

So whether they voted for Morsi or not, the majority of Egyptian people are ready to see what he has to offer and are hoping to see changes soon.

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