Elon, North Carolina|Friday, January 27, 2017
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Halloween masks indicators of election results

Between decorations, costumes and candy, the average American will spend $80 on Halloween this year. When it comes to top-selling costumes, there are few surprises. Young girls still want to be a princess, and boys still want to save the world this Halloween as superheros according to the National Retail Federation. The report lists scarier costumes as the most ...Full Article

Allison’s Night of Fright

Running away from your worst nightmare. I visited Woods of Terror in Greensboro this weekend, where making you scream is their specialty. “When you pop out and the first ...Full Article

Woofstock: A Bark in the Park

Hundreds of people and canines strolled the Burlington City Park Saturday for the some tail-wagging, paw shaking and camera licking fun. “You could have a completely awful day and ...Full Article

The Dixie Classic Fair

The Dixie Classic Fair opened this past weekend in Winston Salem, just a 40 minute drive from Elon University. Although its second day was met with clouds and rain ...Full Article

Dancing in the Landscape

By Brian Mezerski Elon Performing Arts students are never limited to only McCrary and Blackbox theaters. That’s why a group of students who took their talents to a different ...Full Article

Dancing her way to New York

Julie Crothers has been dancing for most of her life . And thanks to her dad… her favorite activity took her to a bigger stage. Crothers says, “He’s like ...Full Article

A Real-Life Princess

“She explains the whole line; the family name and she looks it up on Google,” Elon freshman Max Rudisser says. “And she has pictures of royal people that she’s ...Full Article

Student promoter sells out shows

You would think a grammy-award winning artist was at Elon this weekend. But instead, the crowd came out to hear an underground artist. Elon students lined up before the ...Full Article

Seeing Himself Through His Music

Freshman Shane Dittmar has a passion for singing and playing piano, and he has also been blind since birth. The 18-year-old singer and piano-player was born with “Leber’s Congenital ...Full Article

SGA Confirms Homecoming Concert

The Elon University Student Government Association, in partnership with the Student Union Board, confirmed that Chris Webby and We The Kings are the performers for the 2012 Homecoming Concert. ...Full Article

24-Hour Play Festival

A 24-hour play festival was held inside Yeager Recital Hall.Full Article

“Dora the Explorer” Inspired by Elon Student

If sophomore Lilli Zinaman looks vaguely familiar, it may be because you have gone on adventures together. Zinaman’s uncle was a co-creator and cartoonist for Dora the Explorer, an ...Full Article

Rocketeer rockets in national competition

Jay Light visited Elon to market his film “Rocketeer” to the class of 2016 in the final days of voting. Although Rocketeer is currently in second place, Light is ...Full Article

X Factor auditions come to Greensboro

Auditions for the second season of X Factor were held at the Greensboro Coliseum from July 8-10. The season premiere of X Factor is scheduled for September 12 on ...Full Article

Elon grad creates video asking employers to “Employ Me Maybe”

Elon graduate and former Phoenix14News reporter, Grace Sweeney, is an internet sensation after creating “Employ Me Maybe,” inspired by Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit “Call Me Maybe.” “I’ve been singing ...Full Article
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