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Protesters With Opposite Views Find Common Ground 

A faith-based protest got heated outside of the Charlotte Convention Center Wednesday morning, when a demonstrator accused America of moving away from God.

“The Democratic National Convention has come to the conclusion that they don’t need God anymore,” said Reverand Flip Benham, bellowing into the megaphone at the Operation Save America demonstration.

Other protesters holding signs that condemn abortion, homosexuality and other Biblical sins supported Benham, the director of Operation Save America. Other signs were very graphic, displaying pictures of aborted fetuses. He quickly drew the ire of the Democratic National Convention delegates and attendees as they passed by the busy street corner.

“Let God alone judge,” one delegate yelled.

“Believe me, He does,” Benham quickly responded. “What do you think planes crashing into buildings are? Signs of God judgment.”

When one woman actually approached Benham, however, he was civil. Rev. Leanda Marshall, a guest of the Delaware delegation, argued that the Republican ticket, though they are pro-life, were really no better.

Benham agreed with this sentiment, saying that conservatives “are fake salt, pretending to be the real thing.”

“I’m not political,” Benham said. “I’m here to preach the bet-online-casinos.com Gospel. Both parties are taking this country in the wrong direction.”

“If you believe we should have kids you cannot support public policy that doesn’t help them when they’re here,” Marshall said when asked why she supports the Democratic Party.

“You may not kill them before birth, but the Republican policies suck the life out of them once they are alive.”

Benham agreed with her, saying the entire government needs to be reformed. Despite the dramatically different rhetoric coming from both sides, both the DNC attendees and demonstrators were able to find some semblance of common ground.

Photo by Al Drago

About the author: Brennan McGovern

Brennan is a senior from Pittsburgh, PA majoring in Broadcast Journalism, with minors in Political Science and history. Brennan has interned with WXII-12 in Winston-Salem and in the press office of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom. He loves following politics and Pittsburgh sports. Follow Brennan on Twitter at @B_McGovern5.

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