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Elon freshman makes money playing video games 

In college, some students struggle to find a job, but one Elon freshman found a way to make money doing what he loves. For freshman Cooper Boyd, that meant becoming a professional Halo player.

Boyd plays Halo for more than 50 hours a week, giving Boyd the title of a professional gamer. He plays in Major League Gaming tournaments, or MLG’s for short.

“To be a pro Halo player means that you have a sponsor,” Boyd said. “They want to make it easiest for you to do your best in the tournament because they are making their money off of MLG.”

Boyd plays in tournaments around the country on a team that is sponsored by Redbull and Irish Spring. He described Halo as more than just a video game, but a team sport that requires skill and hours of practice.

Boyd also said that he likes the friendship that comes with Halo more than the money and excitement that comes with professional gaming.

Boyd will play in a tournament in Raleigh over Thanksgiving break and he someday hopes to compete on an international level.

About the author: Sky Cowans

Sky Cowans is a senior broadcast journalism major. She is currently an evening news anchor for ELN. Originally from Beverly, Massachusetts, Sky is passionate about health and fitness. She is also a group exercise instructor for Elon Campus Recreation and enjoys teaching power yoga. Last fall, Sky lived in Copenhagen Denmark for four months where she studied cross-cultural communications. She also serves as a Global Ambassador for Elon. Sky hopes to pursue a career in either broadcast news or health and wellness journalism.

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