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No-Contact Order Filed Against Alexis Gray 

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Elon Local News worked with The Pendulum to obtain a no-contact order for stalking or nonconsensual sexual conduct filed against Alexis Gray on December 3.

Gray, the 18-year-old who Elon administrators say arrived armed on campus on November 25, is the ex-girlfriend of current Elon student, Greg Seelagy. Seelagy’s current girlfriend at the time was the one who filed the complaint against Gray.

Seelagy’s girlfriend at the time of the report states in the complaint that Gray “drove from PA to NC with multiple weapons with violent intentions directed toward Greg and myself.”

According to the court order, the girlfriend of Greg Seelagy as of December 3rd noted that Gray had “harassed her and continuously lied to her about [Gray] and Greg’s relationship.”

The no-contact order states that Gray repeatedly sent harassing texts to Seelagy’s girlfriend at the time, even after she was told to stop.

The order states that the defendant, Gray, may not visit, assault, molest, or otherwise interfere with Seelagy’s girlfriend.

In addition, the court document states that Gray must cease any stalking or harassment, and she is not to abuse, injure, or contact her by any means.

Seelagy’s girlfriend at the time of the report states in the document, “I was scared for my safety and my life.”

ELN reached out to Seelagy’s girlfriend at the time, but she has not responded as of the time of publishing.

Also contributed to this story: Ryan Greene, Joe Bruno, Gary Grumbach, Katie Maraghy and Katie Blunt

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