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Flu Season at Elon 

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Flu season has hit Elon and the flu is spreading fast. The flu can spread by physical contact with everyday objects.

“The sort of viruses we’re talking about with the flu spread by what we call droplet spread,” said University Physician Dr. Ginette Archinal.

The keyboard you typed on or the lever you turned to grab a paper towel could be contaminated with flu virus.

“When you do touch those things you touch your nose, you push your hair back you chew your fingernails you are spreading those droplets to yourself,” said Dr. Archinal.

There are some easy ways to prevent the flu. The easiest way is to get the flu vaccine. The flu vaccine, otherwise known as the flu shot, is 65% effective. You can the flu shot at the health center or at a local pharmacy.

Another simple way to prevent the flu is by washing your hands and by using anti-bacterial wipes.

“If you’re signing a credit card receipt, bring your own pen,” said Dr. Archinal. “You should always bring your own pen with you during flu season.”

Also avoid sharing common things like drinks and Chapstick. If you do get sick, stay rested and make sure you drink lots of liquids.

“If we’re talking college students you’re going to be sick for a week,” said Dr. Archinal “You’re going to be tired for another couple weeks after that, going to bed early, not concentrating as well but you’re going to be fine. But if you’re really run down to start with then you could be sick for two weeks and take another two weeks to recover.

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