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Burst the Bubble courses liven up winter term 

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Burst the Bubble courses are fun and enriching classes for students taught by students. This Winter Term opportunity offers many different courses including classes that involve Irish dancing, break dancing and salsa dancing.

“I think BTB classes are great for students especially during Winter Term because there is so much down time,” said Kerry Kurkjian, student leader of the Irish dance class. “So it’s a way for everyone to come together and meet new people, and I think it’s awesome that students are able to share their interests and passions with each other.”

Kurkjian is not the only student that believes these Winter Term classes can offer more than just a lesson.

“With these Burst the Bubble classes, they are able to go out and meet new people, make new friends and experience new activities, like Irish dancing or beatboxing and that type of thing,” said Jessica Katschke, a participant in the Irish dancing Burst the Bubble class.

To find out more about Burst the Bubble courses, contact the Office of Student Life.


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