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Acting class puts on original production 

A class is creating an original performance, where students are getting more than just a grade.

“You will laugh and you will cry,” said sophomore B.A. theater student Courtney MacMasters.

The B.A. Acting Two class is performing Nine Scenes and a Funeral, a completely original production that was written, cast, and choreographed by Bachelor of Arts theater students.

Professor Chip Johnson said the originality of this production is what makes this different from the other performances the theater department puts on throughout the year.

“it all comes from these students. And i think it is something they can be proud of,” Johnson said.

Johnson went on to say he started this class on day one, with no real lesson plan.

MacMasters said the class is nothing like anything she’s ever experienced.

“I think it was really cool because we expanded on our acting and our writing,” MacMasters said. “I think that it was a really cool aspect of this class”

MacMasters thinks it’s the people in her class that help make the hours of rehearsal worth it.

“Some of us have been doing writing and some of us haven’t so I think just learning each others strengths and weaknesses and going off of that has been an awesome experience,” she said.

MacMasters said there are funny scenes, emotional scenes and deep scenes.

“They come from people’s backgrounds, they come from their family, what they’ve been through,” MacMasters said.

If you’re interested in seeing the play, there is a performance tonight and tomorrow night at 7:30pm in the Harold Acting Studio next to All That Jas.

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