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Health Watch: Allergy Tips 

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Trees budding, flowers blooming, and grass thriving on Elon’s campus might make things beautiful, but there’s one drawback: pollen. The golden dust is out in full force.

Try these tips to get rid of the pollen

First, try taking an antihistamine for itchy eyes and sniffling. Eye drops made specifically for allergies can relieve irritated eyes. While decongestants can help relieve sinus pressure. Try using nasal spray and gargling salt water to get rid of any pollen trapped in nasal membranes and the throat.

Next, be sure to wear sunglasses when walking to class. It can protect your eyes from exposure to pollen. If you drive to class or off campus keep your windows closed. Cars have been covered in pollen. Don’t let that get in your car or worse in your eyes.

While it might sound obvious, stay inside when possible. Exercise in the gym, eat inside, and when you go home remove your shoes and clothes to keep excess pollen away. If you must exercise outside, go in the morning while the pollen count is lower. And if you must eat outside make sure you wipe off your table and chairs. Try showering at night to remove pollen from your body and hair.

About the author: Ashley Bohle

Ashley Bohle is a multimedia journalist for Elon Local News. She is a 2017 graduate. She enjoys running, reading, baking, shopping, and playing with her dogs when at her home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Twitter: @AshleyBohle Instagram: ashleybohle

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