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An Elon Connection to the WDBJ Shooting 

“I asked her if it was hard to be a journalist and she said ‘Yeah, of course it is. It is hard. And it will be but you’ll love it. Trust me.”

These are the words of advice Alison Parker gave to Maritza Gonzalez when she interned under Parker over two years ago. Gonzalez is a sophomore studying journalism at Elon. This advice stayed with Gonzalez as she continued on her path leading her to Elon University, where she sat in her first journalism class of the day.

Gonzales recalled how she found out the news that a journalist she interned under, was brutally killed.

“It wasn’t until my professor brought it up on the screen, that the face, the name seemed familiar,” she said.

Alison Parker and Adam Ward were employees at WDBJ, a local news station in Roanoke, Virginia. They were a reporter and camera team who worked for the morning show. Yesterday morning, while interviewing  a woman on a live broadcast, they were shot by a gunman. This gunman was a former employee at the news station.

“Something like that happens to someone you knew who was so nice and welcoming toward you and tried to help, it was really shocking,” Gonzalez said.

She said that Parker was bubbly, peppy and bright. Gonzalez still hopes to be a broadcast journalist and use the tools that Alison taught her while in the field.

Alison Parker at a bureau station in North Carolina DSC_1104


About the author: Paige Pauroso

Paige is a senior broadcast journalism major from Williamsburg, Virginia. She is currently senior reporter for Elon Local News, covering breaking news and human interest stories on Elon's campus. Paige has completed internships at WRIC 8 News in Richmond, VA, FOX 5 WTTG in Washington, D.C. and Wealth Briefing, while she studied abroad in London. Previously in ELN, Paige has served as assignment manager, co-producer of the ELN's online web exclusive and anchored ELN Morning two years in a row. If you have a news tip or a story you think Paige should cover, she wants to hear it! Shoot her an email ([email protected]) or find her on Twitter (@Paige_Pauroso).

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