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Student creates blog after battle with eating disorder 

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Senior Anna Jervis created an outlet and resource for teens who have eating disorders. Her journey and battle with body image has lead her to helping others. Jervis discussed how she struggled with an eating disorder as a teenager.

I probably came forward and told my parents probably when I was 16 and then after that I have kind of been working a lot on enforcing body positivity in myself, going forward towards recovery,” Jervis said.

Her recovery has inspired her to create a blog to help others who are struggling in a similar ways. Jervis remembered how difficult her teenage years were and did not have a resource such as the one she created.

I created it when I was interning at this place called Meta, it’s an eating disorder prevention and treatment center in Boston and I just created it because I wanted a safe space for people who were struggling,” Jervis said.

Jervis credits her success to those around her.

I think a lot of people that I’ve met along the way have really helped me,” she said. “I have a really close relationship with my dad and my brother and my mom so that’s great.” 

Jervis’ blog is a place of positivity for those who are going through difficult times. There are stories of recovery, inspiration, and resources on her website. There is an interactive component to her blog, users are encouraged to share their own stories with each other.

Asking for help is just the greatest and most courageous thing you can do,” Jervis said. “It’s really hard and I feel like sometimes it feels like weakness to tell someone you’re struggling, but it’s really a sign of bravery.”

Click here to check out Jervis’ blog. 


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