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Students to travel to Brazil for Internet Governance Forum 

Next week, six lucky communications students, including a few members of our staff, will be traveling to João Pessoa, Brazil to participate in the tenth annual Internet Governance Forum and explore the future of the internet.

This is a part of the Imagining the Internet Project led by Elon Professor Janna Anderson of the School of the Communications.

“We take student-faculty teams across the world to big internet events to ask people at these events, the smartest people, about the internet, what they think might be happening now and in the future,” she said.

The role of the project is to look at the future of the Internet, a topic Anderson says is relevant to students.

“The children are the future and so when people at these events see the people they’re building the internet future for, they get very inspired and they also give really great answers. The students are also gaining a lot of wonderful experience as communicators and they’re getting the opportunity to be in a global setting and get to know more about other cultures and people.”

The six students who attend this UN-sponsored event will be interviewing experts on the future of the internet. The results will be published online at http://www.imaginingtheinternet.org/.


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