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February is heart health awareness Month 


February is heart health awareness month. According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States.

First year Pre-med Student Alexis Machigian said that it is never too early to start monitoring your heart health.

“Heart health is something that starts from the minute you are born. You’re heart works everyday, all day,” she said.

Heart health awareness month is a time for all people to learn about their health.

“It’s something that we think, oh heart health that’s something that I will have to deal with when I am older, but it is something that we effect and our choices affect our future.” Machigian said

Student Katie Kurowski has some of her own tips for keeping her heart healthy. 

“You need a certain amount of good fat in your body, like avocados have good fat.” Kuroski said.

Kurowski also brought attention to those who have a family history of heart diseases.

University Physician Dr.Ginette Archinal encourages students to keep a healthy lifestyle by remaining active and eating healthy. 

“Think of your heart not as a separate organ, it’s part of your whole body. And you know the human body doesn’t act in bits, it acts as a whole. So what’s good for the heart is good for the brains and is good for legs and vice versa,” she said.

Dr. Archinal highlighted the importance of eating the right types of food as well. Whole grains and healthy fats are just some of the foods that are important to add into your diet. So whether your heart is beating from exercise or from your valentine, get your heart rate up this February.


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