Elon, North Carolina|Thursday, January 26, 2017
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Running Water Shut Off in Academic Pavilions 

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The residents of Elon’s Honors Pavilion woke up to a surprise Tuesday morning when they learned that the running water to their building had been shut off.

According to an email from Amy Vaughn, a residential administrator, water was not available in the Academic Pavilions, East Gym, Powell House, NC Campus Compact, or Hillel House due to nearby underground roadwork. The email noted that water lines were being relocated as part of a sidewalk installation project by the Town of Elon.

Many living in and around the academic quad were left without water for the greater part of the day, though most students only realized their showers, sinks, and toilets didn’t work when they went to use them in the morning.

“It’s definitely complicated things, especially being the first day of classes,” said Elon freshman, Steff Milovic, whose attempts to take a shower in Kenan Pavilion were stifled by the unexpected shutoff.

Residential Advisors for the buildings suggested that students take showers in nearby Lindner hall, an academic building that hadn’t been affected by the outage.

Vaughn’s email did not promise a return time for water service, but Honors Pavilions residents reported that water was flowing normally just before 4 p.m. Tuesday.

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