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Lakeside Dining’s New Chef 

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One week after it’s grand opening, Lakeside dining hall is packed, and the students are leaving with smiles on their faces. Executive chef, Pinky Varghese, is responsible for the unique food at Elon’s newest dining experience.

“When I came here, it was very exciting. I saw the opportunities for me and for my grub,” said Chef Varghese. “And I wish to bring the cuisine of the university and bring it to the next level.”

Pinky was trained in all four aspects as a hotel employee in Dubai, before giving cooking a go.

“So then I was making a Holande sauce and my instructor said, ‘Oh Pinky, that looks like a very nice sauce!’ Then I thought okay, I’ve never cooked in my life before, so let me try it as a… let me give it a try a little bit.”

And he never stopped trying. As executive chef, Pinky oversees preparation and makes sure the staff is focused on one goal.

“My main objective is to get the quality of the food up with the continuity of what we are doing,” said Pinky.

Pinky chooses the countries to feature for the international station. As a world traveler, mixed with his experience, he knows he is the man for the job.

“When I was working for the royal family I had an opportunity to travel with them, all around Europe all around some parts of Africa. There is a lot to discover, a lot of things that most people haven’t seen.”

Pinky thinks his global outlook will fit perfectly with Elon’s focus on global diversity.

About the author: Alex Rose

Alex Rose is a Senior Multimedia Journalist from Acton Massachusetts. He is an Anchor for Elon Local News and Production Manager for ELN Morning. Alex has interned for WXII-TV in Winston-Salem and Zinc.tv in Littleton MA.

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