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Simple, no heat, picnic recipes

Summer is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with friends and food. Here are three easy recipes on how to make your picnic, well, a picnic! Cucumber Pinwheel Sandwiches:  You’ll need: 1 whole cucumber 1 pack of tortillas Low fat cream cheese 1 lemon for flavor 1 knife   Directions: Wash off cucumber and cut into think ...Full Article

College Cooking: Coffee Cake

April 7th is National Coffee Cake Day, and naturally as journalists we are always excited to celebrate a wacky holiday and eat something yummy.  Here is a simple quick and ...Full Article

Elon University, Aramark, and Burlington’s Company Shops Market discuss

The Company Shops Market, also known as Burlington’s Food Co-Op, is discussing creating a satellite store in Elon. A satellite store is a retail store that is part of the larger parent ...Full Article

Future McEwen Dining Hall Food Options Released

According to a White Paper from the President’s Student Leadership Advisory Council, the new McEwen Dining Hall will have the motto, “A place where the Elon community will gather, ...Full Article

For Father Gerry Waterman wine isn’t just for blessing

There are some nights when Father Gerry Waterman comes home and likes to drink one of the wines in his collection. He may choose a red wine or a ...Full Article

College Cooking: Protein pancake pick-me-up

With spring semester in full swing, the days are getting longer and us students need something to keep our energy up all day.  For this week’s college cooking, we’ve ...Full Article

Chocolate for a Cause

It may be February, but this Saturday was the 6th annual Christmas Cheer Chocolate Festival held in the Holly Hill Mall in Burlington. “Christmas cheer is a charitable 501 ...Full Article

Local BBQ restaurant hosts fundraiser for families of cancer patients

The TickleMyRibs parking lot was packed over the weekend when the owners raised money for Little Pink Houses for Hope. The now annual “Q for the Cure” brought the ...Full Article

A “hopping” good time at the Company Shops Market

It was a play on words: the Co-Op hosted the Co-Hops and more than 300 people showed up for the event, the fourth annual Beer Festival on Saturday in downtown Burlington. ...Full Article

ELN Morning Clean Eats Challenge

Finding an available treadmill in Belk Gym is nearly impossible in the beginning of the school year. Having a regular workout schedule is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, ...Full Article

Senior crosses Saxapahaw off the bucketlist

There are less than 20 days until commencement 2015, and there are many things seniors want to do before May 23rd! When tasked with completing a senior “bucket list ...Full Article

College Cooking: The Root’s Foodie Grilled Cheese

In honor of National Grilled Cheese Month, I visited The Root Trackside and learned how to make their famous Foodie Grilled Cheese. According to General Manager Quinn Ray, all ...Full Article

Three recipes that boost the flavor of kale superfood

Food bloggers and health enthusiasts alike have been buzzing about Kale, a popular superfood. A superfood is a food that is nutrient-rich and especially beneficial to health and well-being. ...Full Article

ELN Morning: Chocolate Mint Mug Cake recipe

Thursday, Feb. 19, is National Chocolate Mint Day, according to food.com. Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your chocolate fix just yet. ...Full Article

Changes made to West End Terrace

Since Harold “H” Hill purchased West End Station in 2013, he has had a vision of changing the bar. Instead of the typical college bar environment, Hill wants to ...Full Article

Elon alum opens local restaurant

  Hunt Ward, an Elon graduate and Burlington native, was following his passion when he bought Good Times Cafe in November 2014. Ward has worked in photography for most of ...Full Article

The benefit of eating duck eggs

Breakfast might become even more nutritional by substituting a chicken egg for a duck egg. Duck eggs have a proportionally larger yolk to the egg itself. It’s higher in Omega ...Full Article

ELN celebrates National Pizza Day with Pandora’s Pies chef

Pandora’s Pies is an Elon favorite where many students dine to eat delicious pizza. In celebration of National Pizza Day, Feb. 9, I made pizza with one of Pandora’s main chefs. Chef Atoru is ...Full Article

Tony’s Pub-N-Subs Comes to Elon

Since Sandy’s Steaks and Subs closed in 2013, Tony Caruso had been thinking that something was lacking in the Elon Community. This is what inspired Tony’s Pub-N-Subs. “We knew the old ...Full Article

College Cooking: Meal in a Muffin

Making  meal in a muffin is a great simple breakfast for when you are on the go and don’t have time to make something every morning. Extra muffins can ...Full Article

Red Bud farm Takes Action Against Hunger

Feeding America brings attention to poverty and food insecurity by naming September National Hunger Action Month. The organization’s efforts have rallied Americans to get involved in their communities by assisting in ...Full Article

Videri makes a sweet treat in Raleigh, N.C.

A family run business in Raleigh, N.C. makes chocolates that are as rich as the state capital’s history. Videri is a chocolate factory in downtown Raleigh where visitors can get ...Full Article

Downtown Gets a New Resident: The Oak House

Just in time for move-in weekend, a new restaurant is opening its doors in Downtown Elon. The Oak House, a coffeehouse, craft beer and wine lounge, will make its home ...Full Article

Summer success: five apps for interning

  Two words: Summer internship. With July just around the corner, many Elon students especially the upper classmen, are roughly one month into their summer internships. For those looking to bulk up ...Full Article

College Cooking: Edamame Salad

Edamame salad is a unique blend of just a few simple ingredients! Coming in at about $15, this healthy salad will leave you, and your wallet, feeling light yet satisfied. Perfect ...Full Article

College Cooking: Couscous salad

As temperatures begin to rise, a light couscous salad makes a delicious meal that will satisfy your appetite while still leaving you feeling healthy. Couscous salad is an easy-to-make meal ...Full Article

How to make a green smoothie for St. Patrick’s Day

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here’s how to make a nutritious and delicious green smoothie! These are the ingredients you will need: Handful of kale Half of an ...Full Article

College Cooking features Quinoa Apple Cake

The College Cooking team is back with their take on a dessert using healthier ingredients. Watch Eric Halperin and Brian Mezerski make Quinoa Apple Cake. Want the recipe? This ...Full Article

Microwaves enhance food’s nutrition

Students often microwave meals in their dorms and apartments. It turns out that this method of cooking may be nutritious. If done right, microwave cooking can retain more nutrients ...Full Article

HOPE strives to localize hunger

While man cannot live on bread alone, the need for food is still necessary to survive. According to the United Census Bureau, 17 percent of Alamance County lives under ...Full Article

What not to eat on Thanksigiving

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, which means it is time for many people to go grocery shopping for their holiday favorites. People typically indulge in unhealthy foods during this holiday; ...Full Article

College Cooking: Cake Pops

It’s already November and the holidays are right around the corner. Simple desserts are an easy and cheap cooking option for college students, and they are great for holiday ...Full Article

Cooking With Cook: Chicken Stir-Fry

October is here and that means comfort food. With the cold weather rapidly approaching, why not wrap-up with some quick, warm chicken stir-fry? This recipe is easy to make, ...Full Article

Local Farm is a Family Heirloom

“Happily growing your vegetables… also growing your clean air and water.” That’s the motto of Iseley Farms. Passed down through five generations, it has been in business since 1790. ...Full Article

Lakeside Dining Hall Receives Below Average Health Rating

Fresh off an 82 for Colonnades Dining Hall, Elon Dining is taking another blow this week. The newest dining hall on campus, Lakeside Dining Hall, earned a below average ...Full Article

New Grocery Store Caters to International Customers

As new additions have come to campus this summer, there have also been changes in the surrounding community. Super G Mart, an international grocery store, is located on W. ...Full Article

Cooking with Cook: an end of summer salad recipe

Although it is September, the warm weather feels like the seasonal transition into fall hasn’t happened just yet. A great way to wrap up the last remnants of summer ...Full Article

Chicken is eliminated from Varsity menu

One of the newest changes to Elon Campus Dining that students are noticing is the new menu options at Varsity Sports Grill, or rather, what is no longer an ...Full Article

Elon Businesses Closing

“We didn’t have enough local business to stay open,” Chris Russell owner of Town Table and College Street Taphouse, said. Both businesses closed their doors over the summer for ...Full Article

College Street Taphouse, Town Table To Close

Two off-campus favorites for Elon students are shutting their doors. Town Table closed on August 16 and, according to an Elon Local News exclusive interview on Wednesday with President ...Full Article

Elon Dining Adds Two Options

Elon students will soon be able to enjoy biscuits and burritos on campus. Biscuitville and Qdoba Mexican Grill are opening at Elon and will be available as retail options ...Full Article

Free Food Search

Sure, the new Lakeside Dining Hall is great. But I thought it would be fun to see if for a week, I could find food without having to swipe ...Full Article

College Cooking

We focus on food that is local, healthy, and cheap. Tweet @AlexPatrickRose to give your food suggestions for our next show. This week was an ode to Saint Patrick’s ...Full Article

College Cooking

We focus on food that is local, healthy, and cheap. Tweet @AlexPatrickRose to give your food suggestions for our next show. This week we made a classic Italian dish: ...Full Article

Smoothies with Sky

This smoothie is great for breakfast or for a post-workout snack! It will replenish your muscles, hydrate your body and keep you full! Blueberry Almond Protein Smoothie 2 cups ...Full Article

Lakeside Dining’s New Chef

One week after it’s grand opening, Lakeside dining hall is packed, and the students are leaving with smiles on their faces. Executive chef, Pinky Varghese, is responsible for the ...Full Article

Diet Drinking

Alcohol- some call it their only friend, others call it their guilty pleasure. According to SPARKS, a majority of Elon students drink at least once or less a week. ...Full Article

Local Cake Shop Bakes Happiness Into the Community

What she said began as a “fluke,” turned into a local shoppe in Burlington for April Murray who opened Main Street Cake Shoppe on South Church Street seven weeks ...Full Article

Lakeside Lowdown

Construction workers are busy putting the finishing touches on the new Lakeside Dining Hall and Winter Garden Cafe. Elon dining’s marketing manager, Kate Nelson, gave Elon Local News a ...Full Article

What should I eat? Thanksgiving edition

You are going to have a lot of choices to make this Thanksgiving. You will have to decide whether you root for the Lions or Bears, you will have ...Full Article

Acorn Dives into the 21st Century

It’s new to Acorn, but it’s not a new type of cookie or latte. It’s a system of ordering at the University’s coffee shop. Aramark added two Kiosk machines, ...Full Article

Elon University Statement on Chick-Fil-A

From the office of Dan Anderson, Vice President for University Communications: The question about whether Chick-fil-A should continue as a vendor at Elon University has generated considerable debate on ...Full Article

Chick-Fil-A At Elon: Voting Breakdown

SGA voted to take a stance against Chick-Fil-A last Thursday. With the resolution passing 35-11, it now sits on the desk of SGA President Darien Flowers. Flowers must now ...Full Article

Elon SGA passes resolution against Chick-Fil-A

A resolution proposed to Elon’s Student Government Association by Spectrum was passed Thursday. With the passing of the legislation, the SGA took a stance against Chick-fil-A’s presence on the ...Full Article

Aramark employee says he was fired for “sexual harassment”

A familiar face around Elon’s campus was fired Thursday afternoon. Eddie Talley, an Aramark employee, claims Aramark fired him for “sexually harassing” students. “They said they had some sexual ...Full Article

College Coffee Running Out of Coffee

It all started in 1984, when college coffee became one of Elon’s oldest and most appreciated traditions. Every Tuesday, students, faculty, and staff come together with hopes of building ...Full Article

Chick-Fil-A to Stay?

Chick-Fil-A became a part of every conversation this summer after the companies President Dan Cathy made remarks about his company’s stance on Gay Marriage. Now more than a two ...Full Article

Greensboro BBQ Festival

Scarlett Fakhar attended the East West Barbecue Festival in Greensboro.Full Article

Are there GMOs in your food?

Carly Hildyard looked into whether there are GMOs in your food from on campus dining locations. We reached out to Aramark and they directed us to the FDA’s website.Full Article

The Phoenix Cash Dilemma

Yo-Zone, Qdoba, and Salon Bronze are just three of more than sixty off campus merchants that currently accept Elon’s Phoenix Cash. Phoenix Cash is an alternative source of money ...Full Article

REVIEW: Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Five Guys Burgers and Fries, a popular restaurant chain, is coming to Burlington. I had heard of their fresh Idaho potato fries and juicy burgers but had never eaten ...Full Article

University Grill finds success after Restaurant Impossible

After five years of not bringing in enough money to get a paycheck, co-owner of University Grill, Eleni Fotiou, decided to submit her story to the a popular Food ...Full Article