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What not to eat on Thanksigiving 

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, which means it is time for many people to go grocery shopping for their holiday favorites.

People typically indulge in unhealthy foods during this holiday; however, there are several tips for people to keep in mind when buying all the ingredients they need to prepare the feast.

Beginning with produce, people should always look to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

When considering what types of potatoes to buy, instant potatoes can be easier to make, but fresh potatoes are a much healthier option. Just keep in mind that the less processed food, the better. For those making sweet potatoes, keep it simple with some butter and salt rather than using all the extra sugars such as marshmallows, maple syrup, and brown sugar. Potatoes aren’t the only place where people can cut back on calories. Canned cranberries have high sugar content, so anyone looking for a healthier option should purchase fresh cranberries. Fresh cranberries are lower in sugar by about twenty grams. There are also other healthier options for some other holiday essentials. Cubed stuffing has fewer calories than blended stuffing. People should also keep in mind that Pepperidge farm has fewer calories than Thanksgiving classic, Stove Top stuffing.

On to the main course, the Turkey is most important. Turkey is generally a lean mean, but the skin is high in fat. If anyone is watching for the amount of calories to consume, the skin can easily be peeled off. Dinner Rolls are another holiday essential. Fresh rolls have fewer calories than refrigerated dough, so people should think about heading to the bakery and not the freezer. The last thing to remember is what to do when deciding on what dessert to choose. Home-baked desserts are usually healthier.

When deciding between different desserts, pumpkin pie is the healthiest option. It has fewer calories than cherry or apple pie. Overall, people should remember the fresher the food is, the healthier it will be. Another way people can reduce calorie intake is portion control. Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy holiday favorites, but people must keep their health in mind.

About the author: Bella Mazzola

I am a freshman broadcast journalism major from Greenwich, Connecticut and I am currently serving as an anchor for the Elon Local News Web Exclusive.