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How to make a green smoothie for St. Patrick’s Day 

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In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here’s how to make a nutritious and delicious green smoothie! These are the ingredients you will need:

  1. Handful of kale
  2. Half of an English cucumber (with skin)
  3. One ripe avocado
  4. One inch of ginger root (peeled)
  5. 1 cup of frozen mango
  6. 2 cups of coconut water

Here are the steps:

  1. Wash the kale and cucumber
  2. Cut the cucumber into quarters
  3. Cut avocado in half and scoop into blender
  4. Peel ginger root
  5. Add all ingredients into blender and blend until smooth (may need to add more coconut water to make it thinner

Enjoy this smoothie on St. Patrick’s Day or any day! It’s chock full of superfoods, healthy oils, and vitamins to keep you healthy!

About the author: Sky Cowans

Sky Cowans is a senior broadcast journalism major. She is currently an evening news anchor for ELN. Originally from Beverly, Massachusetts, Sky is passionate about health and fitness. She is also a group exercise instructor for Elon Campus Recreation and enjoys teaching power yoga. Last fall, Sky lived in Copenhagen Denmark for four months where she studied cross-cultural communications. She also serves as a Global Ambassador for Elon. Sky hopes to pursue a career in either broadcast news or health and wellness journalism.

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